El Cruce Columbia Pucón 2018!

Once again Pucón will become the center of an international event between 6 and 10 December when the intraregional adventure race, El Cruce Colombia, comes to town !

The event was first dreamed up in 2002 with the intention of uniting Argentina and Chile in a dramatic Andean range crossing. Now in its 17th year, El Cruce Colombia is an established challenge for all adventure racers across the continent and further afield!

2018 sees over 2500 participants from 42 countries ready to race, camp, eat, rest and share together for 3 days as they set out to cover the extraordinary terrain that is the Andean range. 100 km in just three days is a distance not to be underestimated! This year’s route includes traversing the Quetrupillan and Villarrica volcanoes before arriving to the coveted finish line on Pucón’s main beach.
Cruce Columbia 2018

Participants can enter as individuals or as teams. The Individual group is broken down into Advanced and Amateurs with separate categories for men and women according to age groups. The Team category is for those who prefer the encouragement of running alongside someone they regularly run with. These partners race together for the duration of the challenge and must present a team name made up of not more than three words to participateThe unparalleled beauty of the route is what also presents the largest challenges! Mountains, volcanoes, snowy peaks, forests, lakes, valley and rocky inclines. Despite the race being held during the summer, climatic variations can be enormous. Over the last 16 years the temperatures have soared to over 30 degrees with scorching sun, while other years have seen the participants experience truly adverse weather conditions of cold, snow, high winds and heavy rain.

Organizing a sporting event of this magnitude is not easy. A team of over 30 people work incredibly hard during the months prior to the race to get everything up and running (excuse the pun!). They are then joined by over 270 more volunteers closer to the start date, all happy to ensure that everything is perfectly coordinated for the challenge to begin. From meals to camp set up, hydration points and transfers, everything requires an enormous human effort and coordination, especially due to the location of the race, far away from urban centers.

El Cruce Colombia is most definitely a unique event. Simply one of a kind. Sol y Nieve in Pucón is already rooting for those of you who are taking part! What an amazing achievement that should also be rewarded. In our awe of your commitment, Sol y Nieve is offering a 15% discount on all activities and excursions for participants. So, once you have recovered from the race and have rested for a day or so here in Pucón, come on down to the office and take a look at all the fun options we have available for you!

Just show your official running bib to unlock the discount and end the Cruce Columbia race with a few more extra adrenaline adventure memories! Take a look at the available activities at this link.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pucón !
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